Thursday, March 15, 2012

Country Road, Take Me Home

If I lived in the country, this is how I'd like to dwell:

(all photos courtesy of pinterest)
this might get old, but I'm daydreaming and in my daydream, I never get tired of drip drying clothes and the fresh scent of breeze in my long johns.

replace this man with Andrew and we're good

we would restore this barn and convert it into a living space. perfect point roof

this would be my breakfast everyday! I'd never get sick of it or fat ( daydreaming remember)

this backpack would be my new purse.

my dad would come over on the weekends and take us mushroom hunting

my harvest

mama's baby

a must
I would wear these everyday all summer long ( I want to whether I live in the country or not)

Daydreaming if fun because the sky is the limit. Honestly, I'm not sure I'd like waking up at dawn to feed the animals and I generally kill every plant I try to grow. But a girl can dream. Who knows, maybe someday me and the mister will find ourselves in the country with the smell of the wind i our clothes!

Thanks for dreaming with me.


  1. Move to Luray, and this dream can be your reality. Pretty please.

    1. moss, mushrooms, rain... these are things of Oregon. Come live on the farm with me!

  2. I love the country photos! Simply beautiful :)

    1. Thanks Adrienne! I'd love to have this beauty be reality someday:)