Monday, May 7, 2012

Much Love Monday

This Much Love Monday is devoted to one of my favorite places on earth, Cannon Beach! We stayed Sunday and Monday with friends in this lovely little town.

1. Haystack Rock. This morning I ran to the rock and witnessed a storm of seagulls squawking in the sky defending their nests against a bald eagle. It was an amazing site.

2. Party Popcorn from Bruce's Candy Kitchen. Popcorn drenched in white chocolate, sprinkles, and m&m's. I officially have a tummy ache from sweetness overload.
3. Ecola Bible Schoolwhere I met these jokers in 2005. Best friends forever!
what the heck am I wearing???
4. Sand Castle competition. Every June Cannon Beach's finest sand hosts the annual competition.
5. Lazy Susan Cafe. You must go here for breakfast if you are in town. cozy and delicious.

Cannon Beach is a second home to me.I spent two years of my life nestled in this hidden village. I met lifetime friends and experienced God in unique ways found in the power of the ocean
 and quiet pace of life. Thank you CB for your gift.

Much Love to you and your Monday.

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