Friday, August 31, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.  Over this labor day weekend I will be     heading to the mountains for some r&r .

2.  With the political debates going on right now, my thoughts are  jumbled. I am not an outspoken political person. Honestly, I usually just feel confused, just being honest  .

3.  Today   I am living for the weekend. It has been a long week of work full of fun, but long hours. I'm ready for a break .
4. The best thing I've cooked recently was    greek stuffed burgers! YUMMY. I could probably eat them every night.

5. The last thing I bought was  A peter pan colored blouse. Andrew told me it looks like wallpaper (and not in a good way). Like usual, it only made makes me like it more:) .

6. The best movie I saw this summer was  LOL. Did you see this one with Miley Cyrus???? It was horrendous! I generally eat this cheese-ball movie junk up, but this one was even bad for me, and that's saying a lot.

7.  The best book I read this summer was   The Time Travelers Wife. I bawled like a baby  .
 Happy Labor Day! Hope you all get 
some much needed R&R.
* link up with Lauren over at her blog: the little things we do

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