Saturday, February 25, 2012


Last week I went to the first estate sale of my year. I was full of treasures galore. I found three wooden boxes, two vintage floral pillow cases, and an old metal chair.

We have many re-purposed wooden cubes throughout our house. I'm a bit obsessed.
Look how cute these sweet prints look on the bed. In LOVE. 

Here is the before picture of the metal lawn chair.

Look how nice that salmon colored paint turned out:)   

Now we have a new and improved footstool.

This is the old footstool. It was SO bad. I'm much Happier with the new one.

 I'd love to hear your stories of finding treasures and re-purposing them in your home.


  1. Everything looks fabulous and very Millie. I am a BIG fan of spray paint. And my current obsession is re doing old vintage frames. Infact I literally have an overflowing box of vintage frames I have been collecting this past year. It's taking over our bedroom.

  2. you're so cute mil, i wanna go shopping with you sometime!