Wednesday, February 29, 2012



It has taken me six years to dine at the Waffle Window! When I was 19 years old my girlfriends and I would drive from Cannon Beach to Portland, OR and always walk up and down Hawthorne's shopping streets. Seriously, nearly every trip to Portland would take us there. The Waffle Window is located in the heart of that very street. For one reason or another, I was disenchanted by the window. Now, six years later, I've finally tasted what I've been missing. Let me tell you, I can't stop dreaming about that Pearl Sugar Waffle. I  ordered the Farm Fusion for $4.00. (Mushroom, spinach, roasted pepper, tomato and marinated chevre.) Delish!

we even got a little sunshine
We both went for the savory over sweet waffle experience

I think we made the right choice!
best plate award
If you are ever in Portland, OR I highly recommend you stop by the Window.

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  1. The window decor and the incredible fancy plates paired with plastic utensils are enough to entice me. I have decided I need to take a trip to Portland just so you can take me on a foodie tour. mmmmmmm.