Friday, March 9, 2012

life lately...

#1. Last week we decided it was finally time to get a new couch. I took me about ten minutes to find the one I wanted on Craigslist. I fell in love instantly. Honestly, any couch is better than our old one. It was tiny, dirty, and worn down. We bought this one from an adorable girl with blue hair who had big dreams of moving to Thailand. I felt like I was funding her dreams. She was selling all her stuff and even gave us a few records for free. Craigslist can be really hit or miss. This was a hit.

We finally got a new couch.

 #2 My best friend Krista is having a baby girl. The "P" is for Peregrin. I cannot wait to meet her. These are the invitations Maryanne and I sent for her shower.

 #3. I picked these bad boys up yesterday in hopes that I won't kill them. I have a terrible track record with plants. Any tips??? I need all the help I can get

 #4. This is the couch I bought for $20 five years ago. It was far past time for a new one. I embarrassed to even show you...

#5. Here is my new couch. I just think it is so pretty and it made me giddy all day long.

Thanks for reading! 
I hope you have a fun filled weekend.

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