Sunday, April 29, 2012

Much Love Monday

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these things!

1. The Color Run "the happiest 5k around" I want to do this so badly, there is one in Seattle in May, but unfortunately it is sold out.
photo source
2. Rocking Sheep. I want this in my size.The black sheep is a total winner. I will have one someday.
3.Spaghetti in Garlic Gravy with Herbs and Lemon Marinated Chicken and Cherry Tomatoes. I made this last week and it was divine! Seriously so yummy, I made mine with whole wheat pasta, but that was the only thing i changed. YUM
photo source
 4. My Flower Garden for the first time in my life my plants are growing instead of wilting. I am so excited. I've been checking on them daily, even talking to them, I hear they like that:)

5. Overalls Cat. enough said
photo source
Happiest Monday to you!!!!
*also, I just realized my comments were restricted to google account holders only, I fixed that so that now anyone and everyone may comment:)


  1. Your flowers look so pretty! I know you will give them a long and happy life this time around :)

    There is a color run in Portland towards the end of September. I would come do it with you :)

  2. Oh my word, mill!!! Your poppies are so happy and sooo perfect! You have stepped it up from the morning glory. :) can i do a color run with you??? Seriously! I will come down!