Wednesday, May 2, 2012

little fluffies

What a bunch of goofs!
Bilbo has been hamming it up around here. Right before bed he'll sneak over and "faint" on Andrew's shoulder stealing as many snuggles as he can. It's pretty ridiculous.
 These two toys are more important than food and water to Bilbo and Birdie. They carry them all around the house in their mouths. The purple fluff used to be a knit bow I made. Often times, I'll wake up on in the morning to find the Blue-Tail-On-A-Stick on my pillow, just waiting for me:)
 Unfortunately we have to keep our kitties indoor. We live too close to a very busy street, but Birdie quite enjoys our walks. I have a leash and harness that she wears. Honestly, I think I enjoy the walks more than her, but she's into it too.

AND.... baby Bilbo and Birdie
 mama's little babies

So fluffy I could die!!!!!!!
Do you have a furry love in your life?

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