Friday, September 28, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

I really looking forward to today's blanks. They are all about firsts.

1.  My first memory is    actually a dream. I remember being in my crib and dreaming my toenails fell off. Random, but it was really freaking as a little girl and I never forgot it   .

2.  My first love was  Andrew Brady Dugger. My first and only love! I love that he was the first and last boy I ever told "I love you".

3.  My very first favorite color was   purple. I have never changed my favorite color. I love it. I actually hardly ever wear it or decorate with it, but I love looking at it. I think most people do purple all wrong.

4. The first time I really felt like a "grown-up" was when    my car broke down and I didn't cry. My dad is a mechanic, so naturally if anything with  my car ever goes wrong I just call him. In my younger years I usually called crying on the side of road freaked out with no money, so my dad always came to the rescue. Now I calmly call Andrew (and my dad still for advice) and figure out the situation like an adult. 

5. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is  pet my cat Birdie, snuggle Andrew if he's not already up working on homework, eat a bowl of cereal, and then check things like facebook and blogs on the computer.

6. The first CD (cassette tape, record, etc...) I ever bought was   the Space Jam soundtrack! I still know almost every song on that cd.

7.  My first car was  named Spicy and she was a Plymoth Acclain. The car was 100% maroon, from the paint to the ceiling to the steering wheel.

Hope you make some more "firsts" over you weekend!
Thanks lauren! link up here.

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