Monday, October 1, 2012

Much Love Monday

Today I have another theme for Much Love Monday..SICK-DAY...... because I have been sick for the past 11 days, I've gotten real good at knowing what helps and what I love when I am sick.
Here we go!

1. garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties. also it is so yummy chopped up and spread on toast.

2.  roost: a simple life blog has been a great inspiring read. her photo's and recipes are gorgeously done.

3. my BFF's  Bilbo and Birdie have been a life saver. Having animals around makes an empty home feel full of life and joy and fluffiness
this is pretty much what they do most days (all day). 
4. new hair makes me feel like a new woman. Christopher at Shine always does a phenomenal job on my hair!
good-bye blond & split ends:)
 5. good books: "the imitation of christ" by Thomas a' Kempis has been incredibly inspiring.

Happy Monday Everyone!
*I'm feeling better already

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