Monday, October 22, 2012

Much Love Monday

What a dreary day we are having here in Portland Oregon today. This is a common way of life here in the Pacific Northwest. I for one am thankful for our abundant water resource. It makes our forests lush and our rivers deep. I'm currently sitting in my living room sipping tea and bundled up in fleece pants and a huge sweater all tied up in my quilted bathrobe. I'm not looking too cute, but I am feeling cozy!

Now, on to my loves of the week!
1. golden lunch sack I would pack a lunch everyday if I had this little number.
2. reading I've been going through these fazes lately. I will devour book after book, and then all of a sudden it will be like the last thing I want to do. These fazes last a few months, Luckily I'm in the reading faze again. I just finished this book (it was fantastic) and I would love to hear what your favorite books are.
3. temporary tattoos! I need these cat tats.
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 4. small spaces I could totally see myself enjoying this life (for awhile)
5. hot chocolate
Happy Monday! I hope yours is filled with
 lots of love. xoxoxo

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